Who I Am

photomania-68775c7a0e2e13a2bc9d8be46c606315I’m Brandi, also known as “Ms. Magoo” or “The Absent-Minded Professor” by supposed loved ones. I will enthusiastically outline how the Hero’s Journey pattern plays a double (and genius) role in the Harry Potter series…all while forgetting my keys in the lock of my front door. The nicknames may be deserved.

I write middle grade and young adult books about lost characters who figure out they’re stronger than they think. During the weekdays, I work with college students. They, too, are often lost and I do my best to guide them back to themselves.

This blog is all about story sharing. I share my own tales—from my feud with raccoons to the time I was a secret hit internet writer and why no one knows about it—as well as interviewing all sorts of creative people about inspiration and creating meaningful things.

There will also likely be hints (bucketloads) of nerd peeking through the cracks. If you are a fan of books, TV, fandoms, creativity, squeeing, laughing, marching to the beat of your own drum, or whispering stories in the dark, welcome to the tribe.

And story sharing means I hope to hear from you too! You can always comment or get in touch on the “Contact” page. I love me a good story, so if you’ve got one, I’ve got a flashlight, s’mores, and an eager ear ready to listen.