Who I Am

photomania-68775c7a0e2e13a2bc9d8be46c606315Supposed loved ones refer to me as “Ms. Magoo” because of my tendency to explain the mythological plot structure of Harry Potter or the use of trope reversals in Buffy…all while forgetting my keys in the lock of my front door.

For Show and Tell in second grade, I told my class a story about my brother being eaten by a shark on our family vacation. Watching my teacher calm a sea of traumatized and delighted peers was a surprising moment of realization for me about the power of storytelling (…and why you should explain to your audience beforehand whether your work is fiction or non-fiction). I’m still working on wielding that storytelling power through writing MG and YA novels.

I spend my time helping college students with their academic woes, interviewing fascinating people for both UC Santa Barbara and for my blog, editing my manuscripts during lunch hours, and petting dogs whenever I can.

These days, for Show and Tell, I write this blog.